Reporting Bugs

Where can I report typos?

If you're just reporting a typo on this website, please make a Pull Request on the Wolfram website's repository that fixes the typo.

On some pages you might also find a comments section and/or an "edit" button. You can use those to report/fix typos - and it's usually the fastest way to do that.

This doesn't apply to typos within the client itself, however. For those, you can send me an email.

Where can I report bugs?

We will eventually have some kind of bug tracker, but for now, you can report bugs via email.

If you are reporting a crash, always include the crash report file! Crash reports are completely useless without that file. If you don't include it, your report will be ignored.

Also tell me know you managed to get that crash. Simply dumping the crash log into an email is usually not enough.

Still interested?

Thanks for reading all the way through!

My email address is [email protected]. Do mention that you've read this!