Privacy Policy

You’re probably tired of reading long privacy policies and I’m definitely tired of writing them. So let’s just keep this short and simple, alright?

We don’t spy on you, and it shouldn’t take a lot of words to say that. However, if you have any specific questions, feel free to contact us.

Traffic Analysis

We use tools like Google Analytics to measure the popularity of the things we create and to analyze how people use these things.

We make sure that the information we collect through these tools can never be used to identify you. The tools themselves only collect anonymous information, and we keep that separate from any personal information we might have about you.

Here’s a list of the analysis tools we use, along with links to their privacy policies:

Google Analytics also requires us to mention that they made a browser plugin that disables Google Analytics, in case you want to opt-out of it. This plugin doesn’t disable any other traffic analysis tools, however.


We show ads on our website so that we can monetize our content and make a profit while still providing this content for free.

We have no control over content made by the advertisers and our privacy policy does not apply to them. However, they do have to follow the privacy policy of the advertising network that they are using.

Here’s a list of the advertising networks we use (or plan to use), along with links to their privacy policies:

Affiliate Promotions

We sometimes promote products as an affiliate by using special affiliate links. We earn a commission for each sale made through our affiliate links.

The affiliate networks may tell us what products people buy through our affiliate links, but they will never tell us who bought those products.

Here’s a list of the affiliate networks we use (or plan to use), along with links to their privacy policies:


We use cookies. If you don’t know what cookies are, look it up on Wikipedia.

You can configure your browser to reject cookies, but our website might not work properly without them.

We may link to external websites or embed their content in our website. Our privacy policy does not apply to these external websites, but they usually have their own privacy policy.